Fr. John Finley

Fr. John Finley is an Orthodox priest who helps mission churches in the western US. with the Antiochian Dept. Of Missions and Evangelism.

22 - Missions

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This is a personal and piercing challenge.  Fr. John advocates  1) Getting rid of the convert (cradle vs. Convert Christians) mentality which divides people.  2) Orthodoxy is not one of the choices for a church - Christ is building One Church.  3) Get rid of the jesting and good old boys club and instead encourage one another.

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To build a mission we need to set our own personal house in order.  First we should not be a slave to finances.  Get out of debt.  We can't bring America to the Orthodox faith if we don't love America.  Fr. John Finley draws on the four things we have in America as recounted by his Bishop.  In America we have Human rights, Opportunity, Freedom and Beauty.  This is a touching message.  Very inspirational!